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California Government Code 69954(d)


This brief note addresses, in my opinion, this bizarre code. Here it is for referral.
69954. (d) Any court, party, or person who has purchased a transcript may, without paying a further fee to the reporter, reproduce a copy or portion thereof as an exhibit pursuant to court order or rule, or for internal use, but shall not otherwise provide or sell a copy or copies to any other party or person.
(Emphasis added as this is the bizarre part.)


Yes you read it right, and yes you cannot post or publish a transcript, for example, on the Internet without getting permission and paying the court reporter despite the fact that you may feel you already paid for it, and it’s yours.

Also consider these factors.

Now as best I can fathom the courts and the court reporters have created a bizarre legal fiction.
Here’s the fiction:


Could you imagine a software engineer working for a company taking home the code, making an “official” copy, getting the copyright on it and selling it? Try that and you’d be laughed out of court.

So there you have it, a bizarre rule that is ripe for litigation – if you want to take on the court and court reporters, and possibly drag in the California employment agencies.

This Brief Note is for educational purposes and is not to be construed as legal advice

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