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EPO Form 1201 – Brief Note


This brief note is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only.
Contact your patent attorney for more information.


You filed a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application to preserve foreign filing rights. You may not have yet filed in any foreign country or region and you just received a communication from the European Patent Office titled:

“Entry into the European phase before the European Patent Office”


and labeled in the lower left corner “EPO Form 1201”.

Don’t panic. This communication is a preemptive notice by the European Patent Office (EPO). What the EPO did was assume you wanted to enter the EPO and took the PCT number and assigned a European application No.

This communication is generally issued about 10 months after publication.

Below is an example of such a communication with some details redacted.


As you can see EPO Form 1201 is a pretty good guide to entering the EPO.

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