Brief Notes

Transaction History Descriptions


This brief note is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only.
When you look at the Transaction History, for example, under the Transaction History tab on Private Pair you are likely to be met with UGGS

Brief Discussion

Here’s a brief decoder table in the order you’re likely to encounter them.

Transaction History – decoder table

UGGS English
Initial Exam Team nn Team nn opens your application.
ENTITY STATUS SET TO UNDISCOUNTED (INITIAL DEFAULT SETTING OR STATUS CHANGE) Despite you explicitly declaring another entity status the USPTO is hoping you don't notice so they can collect large entity fees. Make sure your entity status is correct the next time you file/pay.
IFW Scan & PACR Auto Security Review Application scanned into Image File Wrapper and Patent Application Capture and Review done automatically for security.
Cleared by OIPE CSR Cleared by the Office of Initial Patent Examination Classification Security Review
PGPubs nonPub Request The USPTO acknowledged getting your non-publication request.
FITF set to YES - revise initial setting First Inventor To File - a flag indicating prior art approach YES - AIA provisions apply No - pre-AIA provisions apply
Case Docketed to Examiner in GAU Case going to examiner in General Art Unit


 So now you have some of the secret codes the USPTO uses.

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