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Withdrawal as attorney or agent


This brief note is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only.

Brief Discussion

There may come a time when you and your client need to part ways. The most common is the client is no longer paying and you want to get out. There are a number of things as the attorney or agent that you must do before parting ways.

If the client is unwilling to sign a change in attorney form then:
For trademarks for Revocation, Appointment, Change, and Request for Withdrawal as Attorney of Record go here:

For patents use form PTO/AIA/83 (or the online equivalent). Here are what the
37 CFR 11.116 reasons mean (and note that you can check more than one) [comments added]:

NOTE: If you use the online form PTO/AIA/83 to withdraw make sure you download a copy of the IFW (Image File Wrapper) BEFORE you complete the form, because as soon as you hit the enter key you are locked out of Private Pair (learned the hard way:).


Done properly you and the client can parts ways and you as the attorney/agent can indicate the reason for the split.

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